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Get Added to Our Fall Waiting List

Reban Farms 2020 Spring ordering was a big success and we are very happy to have sold out. We also  increased our customer base and our brand awareness in the local market in Saskatoon and area.

Waiting List Details

If you missed placing an order this Spring, or you didn’t need to replenish your freezer yet, not to worry, we have a Fall order every year!  

If you are interested in ordering for Fall 2020 but worried about missing out as we expect to sell out again, we are happy to announce  a waiting list program.

To ensure you will receive your desired order: 

We require a $100 non refundable deposit to add you to our waiting list.

  1. Our usual $200 deposit is due the 1st week of September – we will reach out to you by email to remind you and to confirm your order. 
  2.  Orders close: When sold out or November 15th, (whichever happens first.)

We will Deliver to your doorstep in the  1st week of  December.
Contact us for payment options and any questions!

For all order details, package options, and how to order


What makes us different?

So why order your beef from Reban Farms? We provide you with a farm direct product that is high in nutritional value, comes from the use of sustainable farm practices, tastes better, offers the convenience of free delivery, AND we save you money. 

Reban Farms – Wholesome, Local Beef