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Everything you need to know about ordering from Reban Farms

Ok so you’ve made the decision to buy wholesome, local beef from Reban Farms in Petrofka. We thank you for being a customer and can assure you that our product is second to none and our customer service is pretty darn good too! If you need a refresher on our product, visit our product page or here they are below in one spot:

Product Details:


🐮Whole Cow

  • Approximately 640lbs of meat
  • Fits into 20 cubic feet of freezer space

🐮Half Cow

  • Approximately 320lbs of meat
  • Fits into 10 cubic feet of freezer space

🐮Quarter Cow

  • Approximately 160lbs of meat
  • Fits into 5 cubic feet of freezer space

Important Details:


🐮We typically have two orders/deliveries per year. One in the spring and one in the late fall.

🐮All weights are approximate as no two animals are the same.

🐮All weights are based off of carcass weight.

🐮All orders come as 1/3 roasts, 1/3 steaks (standard 1 inch steaks), and 1/3 hamburger. HOWEVER, this can be customized at no additional cost to you, including the thickness of the steak.

🐮All orders come boxed and frozen, ready to place in your freezer!

🐮A $100 deposit is required on all orders (payable by cheque or e-transfer).

🐮Delivery is free to Saskatoon and surrounding North towns including: Martensville, Warmen, Dalmeny, Osler, Laird, Langham, Rosthern, Blaine Lake, Marcelin, Leask, Shellbrook, and Parkside.

Order Details:


🐮Once we receive your order we will contact you to get arrange payment for your deposit – $100 on all orders. This can be made by cheque or e-transfer. We will let you know at this time an approximate delivery date for your order.

🐮The butcher will call you directly shortly after the slaughter date to customize your order. Here you can customize such things as the percentage of roasts, steaks, ground beef you’d like.

🐮We will contact you about 4-5 days prior to your delivery date to make arrangements. Your order comes frozen and boxed.


So, what are you waiting for??? PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE

Reban Farms – Wholesome, Local Beef