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Reban Farms has been around for 114 and we are proud of our Saskatchewan Roots. We enjoy the cattle lifestyle and the wholesome food it allows us to produce. We are thankful to have a farm out by Petrofka Bridge along the North Saskatchewan River south of Blaine Lake.  Today we are going to talk about How does Reban Farms take care of its cattle? 

How does Reban Farms Take Care of Its Cattle?

There’s a buzzword out there about Sustainability. Everyone’s worried about whether or not their food is produced in a sustainable manner, and rightly so. Our farm has existed since 1908. That’s 114 years. If our farming practices weren’t sustainable, we wouldn’t be here. We continue to evolve and utilize new practices that benefit not only our land base, but our profitability, and our animal welfare. We produce way more pounds of beef in comparison to 40, 30 or even 20 years ago, on far less food, water and land base. We’re just that much more efficient. 

The animal welfare on our farm is really high. Our cattle receive lots of space and bedding. They’re always clean and dry. They’ve always got access to fresh clear water from the wells and as much food as they require. 

We rotational graze our cattle through different paddocks and pastures, which helps all the different plant species recover from being grazed. The plants are far more productive when they’ve had a chance to regrow to the place where they can start to reproduce before they get grazed again. If we continually graze pastures, the undesirable species; the species that are less palatable, the less nutritious species, start to overtake the ones that get continually grazed. Before you know it, you’ve got unproductive, pastures. 

We also keep an eye on what happens below the soil. You can easily tell the health of your soil by looking at the plant diversity on your land base and the resiliency of the plants that you grow there.  

When assessing a pasture, we look at: 

  • Drought tolerance 
  • Flood Tolerance
  • Species Diversity

Cattle are amazing up cyclers, they take plants and plant matter that isn’t suitable for human consumption, and they turned it into a high-energy protein source, which is just amazing when you think about it! We could never grow wheat, barley, peas or anything on portions of our land base because the land is too sandy, too rocky has too much alkali or is just not traversable due to the nature of the terrain. But we can use it to graze our cattle. The cattle turn something undesirable, into a highly desirable, protein-rich food source for the world. 

We’re blessed here in Saskatchewan. We’ve got access to land, clean water, and clear air. We produce far more resources than we consume, especially food and that is how Reban Farms takes care of its cattle.

Reban Farms provides you with a farm-to-table product that is high in nutritional value, comes from the use of sustainable farm practices, tastes better, offers the convenience of free delivery, AND saves you money. 

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