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We are pleased to announce that we now have a website!


Reban Farms is excited to announce that we now have a website! This means that those of you who already buy from us and know who we are, can submit your order online. And those of you who aren’t familiar with Reban Farms, can read more about who we are, the benefits of buying direct from the farm, and submit an order online. 

Who We Are

We run a small, 200 head cow calf operation. A few years ago, we decided to start selling our own finished beef to family and friends. Not only did we have a positive response, we also discovered how enjoyable it was connecting with the consumer. It makes all the hard work so rewarding when you get to meet appreciative customers.

We reached out to the local team at Trusted Marketing Services to build us a new brand (see our awesome logo) and this great new website. This will help us continue to meet the consumer demand for farm direct beef.


Wholesome, Local Beef

Our product is beef. We finish our animals on approximately half the amount of grain that a traditional feedlot would. This results in meat that contains much less fat. We’ve spent years perfecting our feed rations to bring you the perfect balance of leanness and marbling. This gives you ground beef that is very lean, but a t the same time provides sufficient marbling on your steaks and roasts. Animals are butchered at the prime age of 20- 22 months. Dry aged for 14 days or longer.


We sell a quarter, a half, and whole cow. Our beef is $5.00 per pound. As the size of the animal will vary, here is an approximate breakdown.

  • One Quarter Cow

    • This is approximately 160lbs of beef
  • One Half Cow

    • This is approximately 320lbs of beef
  • Whole Cow

    • This is approximately 640lbs of beef

Read more on our Product page and ff you’d like to order please fill out our handy order form here. Of course, at any time, email us at or call or text us at: (306) 270 – 1635.

We love what we do and we have years of experience doing it. We also are passionate about being responsible stewards of the land we farm on. We have adopted new Farming technologies, ideologies, and practices. Our Grazing has evolved also to mimic nature. There are many things we do as a business to ensure we leave our land better for future generations. You can feel good about purchasing your farm direct beef from Reban Farms knowing that there are many things we do to ensure we leave our land better for future generations.


Reban Farms – Wholesome, Local Beef